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    How Long Have you been doing CrossFit?

    I have been doing CrossFit for a little over a year now.

    Tell us about your athletic background...

    I started out doing gymnastics when I was as little as pre-school and stopped when I reached third grade. I was a level four state champion gymnast but competed all they way to level seven. My freshman through senior year in highschool I joined the swim team as a diver where I broke our school record as a sophomore. I also joined Track and field as a pole vaulter where I broke our school record in that too. In December I started training for powerlifting which is squat, bench, and deadlift. I competed in the Washington State Championships where I broke the state title in the squat, bench and the total. 

    What's the atmosphere at CrossFit Lake Stevens like?

    CrossFit Lake Stevens is filled with uplifting and encouraging people. Everyone is always so friendly and very supportive in and outside of CrossFit. CrossFit Lake Stevens is basically my second home and I have developed a new family here. No matter your abilities you’re always treated like a winner here at CrossFit Lake Stevens!

     What's your favorite movement or WOD?

    My favorite movement is handstand push ups or anything gymnastics related.

    How about your least favorite movement or WOD?

    My least favorite movement would be double unders or rowing. 

    Name one thing you could not live without if stranded on an island...

    I would not be able to live without music if I was stranded on an Island!!  

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