CFLS Athlete Of The Month: LAURA JANAS


I started CrossFit last August after struggling with constant injuries as a runner. My goal at CFLS was to cross train so I could get stronger and faster. Little did I realize I would find much more when I entered CrossFit Lake Stevens. After a few months of asking myself what am I doing here and why am I here,  KC entered our lives at CFLS. KC is a dedicated coach and was determined to make CrossFit Lake Stevens his own. KC has done so much more than that. 

KC has poured his heart and soul into this gym and with that I am so forever grateful. Morning and night KC is there to work with all of us, pushing us to the point where we think we can’t and he shows us we can. Whether I'm at a CrossFit class, or conditioning class, KC is there pushing us to the limit. 

What I found in all this was not just a gym but, a family. At any given time you can go to CFLS and workout with anyone from advanced CrossFitters to moms to teenagers. All this without feeling intimated! For me, the hardest part about CrossFit is learning something new and gaining the confidence that I will make it through the class. Without KC and his team I don’t think I would be physically where I am at today. I want to thank everyone at CFLS, especially KC, for showing me that I can do it!

Laura Janas
CFLS Athlete Of The Month, March 2018.

K.C. Kerker