The first step is to call or email us to set up your free, introductory session. This allows you the opportunity to meet us, and find out firsthand what we do and who we are. If you decide that CrossFit Lake Stevens is for you, then your next step is to enroll in our conditioning class.

Our conditioning Class is a class that introduces you to the fundamentals of CrossFit. Classes meet at 10am Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday & 8am on Saturday. Each class is approximately 1 hour in length. You would need to complete 12 sessions total to move onto our CrossFit Program. 

During the conditioning class we are going to want to know a little more about you. We will be conducting assessments in order to understand you, your personal goals, current health, concerns or up and coming competitions. Once we have some understanding of your needs, we can help you achieve your goals. Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive understanding of the CrossFit program. We’ll introduce, refine and technique and discuss the movements used in CrossFit. Please understand that all movements have modifications and we are happy to work with all abilities.


We’ll also introduce you to a better way of eating. Nutrition is often overlooked when training, but to us it is the foundation of fitness. Though you don’t need to follow a nutritional program to be a part of CrossFit Lake Stevens, we want you to look and feel good, and will help you structure your nutritional program so that your goals are easier to accomplish.

Once you complete 12 conditioning classes, you will be released into the wild and will be free to signup for classes at CrossFit Lake Stevens! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of our knowledgeable coaches.  We are all here to have fun and make your experience more enjoyable!

At CrossFit Lake Stevens everyday is a different challenge with coaches and fellow members motivating you through the workout
— Amanda Sittler