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Founded On Strong Principles

CrossFit Lake Stevens is more than just a gym, it’s a community of individuals – owner, coaches, clients, and families – that share a common set of values about fitness and health. We are passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves, operate based on sound scientific evidence and best practices, welcoming to clients from every walk of life and experience level, and committed to helping clients find the right program and fit for them – even if that might not be with us. The principles guide everything we do and offer at CrossFit Lake Stevens.

The CrossFit Lake Stevens Philosophy

CrossFit Lake Stevens is a facility with the single-minded goal of improving fitness and function for people from all walks of life in our community. We do this primarily through our core fitness program, CrossFit, but we also offer Weightlifting, and our Conditioning class. CrossFit is a big part of what we do, but it isn’t everything. However, for many reasons our approach to CrossFit is what we need to spend the most time explaining – if CrossFit isn’t the program for you that’s fine, you can probably still learn a lot about our personality by reading our philosophy below.

The Home Of CrossFit Lake Stevens

CrossFit gyms are not franchises they are affiliates, which means every gym is unique in the way they coach, program, and interact with their community members. You may have to try a few gyms to find one that is the right fit for your personality. We encourage you to explore what is available, and visit us before you commit. Drop in anytime during business hours for a tour and to chat. There are a few things you should know about the way we do business. We are somewhat strength biased, but…. it will not be unusual on some days to see only a single conditioning or even steady state moderate intensity work. We believe in true variance, which means sometimes doing the things we wouldn’t want to do if left to our own programming. For some of you that may mean more Olympic lifting or barbell work than you like. For others, don’t be surprised to see pure mono-structural work like rowing intervals on occasion. We are structured. Our group classes are quite structured and purposely run with time stamps. There is a lot to do in the hour we have and we want you to get the most of your workout. Please arrive on time (or early) for class and be ready to stay on task! We will run a group warmup together after we brief the workout at the digital whiteboard. We believe in your safety. Coaches will help you make decisions about appropriate scaling of workouts. Doing them RX’d is not the goal; doing the best version of the workout for you is the goal and will be enforced as needed. Please maintain a dialogue with your coach, ask questions, and seek feedback when you are unsure what to do. We believe in your progress. From time to time trainers may approach you and ask about your nutrition, lifestyle, attendance, injuries, and goals. We hope you don’t find this intrusive, but we want to take an active role in your progress – don’t think we are singling you out!

CrossFit Lake Stevens Operations

At CrossFit Lake Stevens, member satisfaction and value is one of our most important considerations. We cap our classes to ensure the quality coaching and individual attention you deserve. To this end we require you to sign-up for classes in advance through the member account page. Please be respectful: if you are no longer able to attend please withdraw from the class. If you are in the top 4 of the waitlist please register and consider coming to class anyways. There is a good chance we will have room and there will be open gym time available to accommodate you. We have an open gym policy, meaning you are free to come in at any Open gym time during business hours to workout, warmup, get in some skill work, or do strength. Note our classes and other scheduled training take priority, so if you plan on bringing in a large group of friends to train with please do not schedule this during peak hours. Talk to a trainer or coach for your options. We also provide a digital whiteboard system for our members to make tracking easy and fun. Once you have an account you will be able to log your results after a class on the gym tablet, you personal computer, or a smartphone. It’s important to track your workouts so you know what weight, time, or modifications to make each day.

Realized By Amazing Coaches

To support your journey at CrossFit Lake Stevens we have assembled the best coaching staff there is. You’ll find engaged, educated, and experienced coaches no matter what program or class type you try. You’ll find caring, passionate, approachable individuals that can help you reach your fitness goals.

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Housed In A Modern, Functionional, Space

When form meets function a great environment is born. Our commitment to our clients means more than just having the space to train safely and with confidence, but also to create an enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere. Our facility is top-notch, and we strive every day to maintain and improve on the space you get to call home. Expect it to be clean, organized, and well equipped along with the amenities you need to make fitness part of your daily routine and lifestyle.

Our Facility

CrossFit Lake Stevens is located at 3910 127th DR NE. At CrossFit Lake Stevens you will find 3000 sq ft of premium workout space. We are happy to have 2 designated sections in the facility, meaning we can concurrently run our CrossFit group classes, and weightlifting. At our reception area you will find helpful staff who can set you up with your membership or pass and give you a tour of the facility. Here you will also find merchandise and retail goods. Separate from our workout space you will find our clean and well kept bathroom. We believe in providing you the highest quality service and amenities in the value of your membership with the space that we have.

Earning A Place In The Community

Earning a place in the fitness and business community means giving back. We have worked hard to make CrossFit Lake Stevens a part of the local Community. As part of that ongoing initiative we offer your first class is a free class.

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Membership At CrossFit Lake Stevens

At CrossFit Lake Stevens, your success is our motivation. To be truly successful on your fitness journey you need to commit to making it a lifestyle. To that end, we reward your commitment to fitness and us, by decreasing the cost to you. We start off with a no contract monthly membership and if you are interested in our 3, 6, 12 month contracts, we are happy to assist you with those as well. These are not complicated contracts with hidden fees – we won’t ask for an arm in exchange for your new legs. This is simply a commitment to a certain number of recurring payments over time – sign up for longer and we will reward you with savings. Can’t stay? You can cancel anytime with the exception of our contract. We use WODIFY as our member registration solution. It’s time to get to work

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